CNP after 3 years..

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CNP after 3 years..

Postby CNP Staff » Sat May 14, 2011 3:20 pm


After 3 baby steps we are in 4th year now !!

It all started with a frustration of seeing similar bird/mammal portraits everywhere (including ours own). We came together to create platform to stimulate
some creative and artistic thinking beyond just jargons of photography - Nikon or Canon, 500mm vs. 600mm, MTF charts, prime vs zoom, corner sharpness,
bokeh, hmm, it is a never ending list. It is funny we spend first few years talking about all these technologies and working like a photo copier - not even a
couple of minutes are spent thinking about the image before releasing the shutter.

CNP as a group was born to encourage creative and artistic aspects of image making while consciously staying away from discussing merits of different tools.
We encourage looking at images and discussing how those touches our hearts than whether the image is made using 400mm f2.8 lens or 100-400mm lens at
400mm. Award winning, soul touching photography is within the reach of every photographer - not just those who could afford 600mmf4s or 800mm f5.6
lenses or those who can afford to visit Africa or Corbet National Park. Unique images can be made in our own backyards too.

We have learnt a lot during past 3 years from each other - we have seen some of the stunning perspectives which are clearly work of photographers - not
that of equipments that they own. We came to know that several of our members have their images in final round of judging of a prestigious wildlife
photography competition of the world which focusses mainly on creativity and fresh perspectives of nature. While we don't claim credit for those images
CNP has a role to play in making people think beyond just equipments.

The learning never ends, it will be our pleasure to have like minded people who want to explore nature photography as an art form to join us. Collectively
we can grow bigger and expand our horizon of image making.

As of today we have about 150+ membership requests pending. Unfortunately we could not enable them due to a few reasons -

- We wanted to make sure those who register are serious about pursuing creative and artistic form of nature photography and we don't have enough
information about those who registered. In past we have seen people registering thinking it as yet another photo forum and soon getting disappointed
since those comfortable routine portraits don't find a place here.

- We do want to get a mail from you after automatic registration - just to ensure you are not a robot ! (software) which registered. Though we enable
CAPTCHA we do see some spams.

- We do want to build a friendly community, it becomes harder if we don't have any mails from you or reference about you.

Sorry, don't think we are an arrogant group if we don't have your account enabled - it is just that one of the above is true. Since we are a non-commercial
group we really don't care for number hits on this website. We keep this site clear of any commercial ads. We don't use this non-commercial forum as a
front end to promote our personal commercial photography related motives. It is all done based on best efforts basis just out of passion. If you have a
passion to pursue nature photography as a creative art form and would like to be part of CNP please write to us at

For those who are already part of this family, thanks for your support. We know it is tough to routinely make creative and artistic images - we are sure
you come and share them here when you make them!

Since all of us who maintain this platform have different day job we often run short of time to implement ideas we have, may run short of time to critique
*all* the images. We try to do our level best since it is a passion for us. Please do share some time to critique images of others who post ! The law of the
forums - those who give most feedback will receive them most.

While we don't have faces associated with names of the people who participate here we are very comfortable with names today. May be a CNP meet
is long due at some convenient place in near future.

Looking forward to see your wonderful creations and participation. Wish you best light and all the success..

CNP Staff
CNP Staff
CNP Staff
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Re: CNP after 3 years..

Postby krishnan v » Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:18 am

Firstly congratulations on setting this site up and making one "think" !
I sure have a hard time trying to post a relevant picture here , but that means "thinking a shot " , and, is what is required !

Definitely second the thought about a meet !

Best Regards
krishnan v
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Re: CNP after 3 years..

Postby Rajkumar » Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:18 am

Good work going on here. Personally see a shift from "taking pictures to making pictures".
A yearly CNP meet should also be a tradition. May be more or less same time of the year every time. Will help overall planning and predictability. Also will ensure it happens. May be October? . Putting a face to those names will definitely enhance the vibrancy of the forum.
Thanks for all the good work

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