CNP Images of the year - 2011

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CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby CNP Staff » Sat May 28, 2011 11:08 am


We have completed 3 years as a forum. It is time to select images of the year again !

We are glad to select 3 images for the CNP Images of the year - 2011

We used a similar selection process like last year.

It was a tough decision for us to arrive at a consensus for top three CNP images of 2011. Here are our choices -

image_id: 3590
Image of the Year - 2011 - Mothers in Nature - By Dr. Nilanjan Das

image_id: 4230
Highly Commended - Warmth! - By Sandipan Dutta

image_id: 3924
Highly Commended - Something in Nothing - By Adithya Biloor

Congratulations to Dr Nilanjan Das, Sandipan Dutta and Adithya Biloor !

A certificate of recognition will soon follow !
CNP Staff
CNP Staff
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Re: CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby nevilzaveri » Wed Jun 01, 2011 9:55 am

Congradulations to Nilanjan, Sandeepan, Adithya (do you remember what I told you last year!) and all others who did or did not made it on the front page but has made us see nature beyond the obvious. Take my bow Nilanjanji for rising to the level of legends (thinking about your entire journey in making images & receiving other awards like BBC) and Saurabh for dominating the stream, with all your unforgettable images. Thanks to CNP team for the platform and making things possible for us.

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Re: CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby Nilanjan Das » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:53 pm

I agree 100% with Nevil on Saurabh Desai. He is one of my favorites in CNP, how easily he pulls out those memorable one's and it almost says that he never has to try hard or scratch his head too much to make those images as well. :). Simply a big fan of his. God bless you Saurabh. 2010-11 has seen so much changes conceptually even in CNP, the trend very strongly moving in the direction of generating originality. I saw an amazing tiger image in CNP today morning ( don't know how I missed earlier ) and many people around me were a little surprised to see me extra happy the entire day, all the credit goes to the image, that's the future of wildlife photography and specially in monochromes. To see the unseen which sounded like such strong words in the past have become a way of life through images in CNP now, Praveen Mohandas's image of the gulls flying in the sea beach, the ant image of my good friend Biloor, the butterfly images made by Ganesh using remote and many others clearly gives an insight where the future of wildlife photography is heading. I can see that India's presence and respect in the International Wildlife circuit will be only due to CNP and to the vision of one great guy who not only dreams but inspires everyone around him to dream and create. So true, why perform when we can create ? I can very strongly say that creativity of the Indian photographers are much dynamic and varied compared to images made by many European counterparts. I can assure of a big change, trust me, it is being seen and observed very seriously all across the world and perhaps the renaissance of nature photography will happen here in India holding hands of CNP.
I would also like to inform everyone in the forum that our friend Nirlep Singh has taken such a bold step in life. While many of us racing against each other to generate engineers, docs, MBA's and gifting the nation with practically nothing, he has taken the boldest step of holding his son Nirvair's hands as he decided to take a very different journey in the field of art. Nirvair has gained admission in one of the finest photography schools in Asia if not the world. This is what CNP has done, it has allowed a dream to pass on to the next generation. We all know about Nirvair's talent, one day we would surely mention with pride that he used to be in the same forum with us :-). God bless you son. You have a father that many of us can never be no matter how much we try.
May all our best wishes in the form of originality, honesty and creativity help CNP achieve more and more. I know we are trying to fill a cup which has no bottom :-), so let us dream and create endlessly, generation after generation. Thanks once again !!!!
Nilanjan Das
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Re: CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby Adithya Biloor » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:38 pm

What can I say? What should I say? Shall I say " What a pleasant surprise?" ha haa.. will those words be able to express my feelings? At this moment I can just say " I am very happy."
Yes, Nevilji I remember your words, but never thought that would come true.
Adithya Biloor
Adithya Biloor
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Re: CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby dinesh.ramarao » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:17 am

Congrats to all the winners, to all those who created wonderful art.
Nilanjan has put strong words:
"One great guy who not only dreams but inspires everyone around him to dream and create. So true, why perform when we can create ? "

A wonderful forum i belong to, whether i create or not - I enjoy these creations.

best regards,
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Re: CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby Prithvi K » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:20 am

Congrats!! Nilanjan,Sandipan and Adithya.
Truly world class images.
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Re: CNP Images of the year - 2011

Postby jayesh joshi » Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:59 pm

Congratulations ! Nilanjan,Sandipan & Adithya !

Congratulations to entire CNP team for completing 3 years......
jayesh joshi
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