CNP - Images of the Year 2009

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CNP - Images of the Year 2009

Postby CNP Staff » Sun May 31, 2009 8:22 pm

Since we have completed a year we thought of selecting a few unique images that we saw during last one year. Needless to say it was a tough decision to agree on a small list from so many unique images. To make this selection as objective as possible we have decided to rate (in the scale of 1-10) each image within CNP monthly picks for three qualities - creativity, artistic/emotional impact and technical merit with different weightages (50%, 25%, 25%) with a caveat that for the consideration the average technical score of an image atleast should stay at 6 or above. With this criteria we have conducted an internal poll among members of CNP staff and came with a few unique images ! Needless to the difference in their individual rating is only a few decimal points.

Top three images and a few words about them.


This image by Brad Hill scored very high on all dimensions - creativity, artistic/emotional impact and technical mastery. We found this composition by Brad very bold. This combined with splendid action and flawless execution made the image very unique to us. Brad is a very well known accomplished nature photographer. You can see more of Brad's unique work at his website Natural Art Images.


CNP Staff found this image by Nirlep Singh very unique for its striking creativity and impact. We also felt B&W conversion enhanced the impact of patterns and shadows. Nirlep and his equally innovative son Nirvair have conducted several exhibitions in India. It appears creativity is in their genes.


We found this water fall image by Dr Gururaja KV very unique. Here we see a unique perspective of a water fall which brings out magnituge and power of the mother nature by focussing only part of the water fall and using trees in the middle to emphasize the scale. Dr Gururaja is a post doctoral fellow working at Indian Institute of Science in the area of amphibian ecology. He and his team has discovered several new species of frogs in thick jungles of Western Ghats. To know more about Dr Gururaja's work visit his website.

Other than these three (changing) images in the front front page we also have selected some of the unique images posted by members during last one year and also some contributions by CNP Staff (thumbnails with links in the front page).

Hope you enjoy all of them !!
CNP Staff
CNP Staff
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Re: CNP - Images of the Year 2009

Postby mallige » Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:04 pm

In dealing with so much rhetoric I have overlooked complimenting these wonderful images. All said and done these images are exquisite. I came to this website as an admirer of some hauntingly creative images by Ganesh Shankar. In that respect the goals have been accomplished. So congratulations to all of you for donning on your creative hats ! There is definitely place for such a website created to promote angst ! And I do congratulate all of you who came together to create a place for 'original' creative' images.

As far as I am concerned my lament would echo Antonio Salieri's "God why give me the desire and deny me the talent ?"
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