Slices of the moment: flowers




Adithya Biloor
Slices of the moment: flowers
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Image_DSC1185 noaTa by Adithya Biloor, on Flickr

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As always waiting for your views
Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:46 pm
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Adithya Biloor

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Commentby Ganesh H Shankar on Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:16 pm

Adithya, I have shared my critique. Let me share it here.
I would like to write two set of critiques. One, rewinding the time by about 5 years and another one as of today.

Critique (if you had asked me 5 years ago)

Life is a coin with two sides - pleasure and pain. This series very effectively portrays the latter facet of the life, the pain. This is very evident in
all those cracks, splits, whirls and rubbles. The series seem to have 'split' as a theme across multiple images in interesting ways. Just as contrasting
split of dark and light with sprinkled rubbles or as whirl as half of it and unaffected/stubborn/constant or as flowers in a half and an empty other half.
The lone floating leaf and floating leaves with rubbles in another seem to scream helplessness. I think the artist has successfully frozen his state of
mind honestly and truthfully in this effective series of evocative images.

Current Critique

A little context before the critique itself. Most of the time I don't live on your planet, the so called 'earth' anymore. I live in a beautiful planet a few million
light years away from your earth, in a different solar system. My family still lives on earth. While I live here most of the time I end up shuttling between
these two places which I don't like much. Wish I can stay here permanently. Anyway, back to where I live now, my planet is an interesting one. It also
has something called 'life'. Not how you understand the term 'life' on earth. I will talk about it some other day. Interestingly, here we are so advanced
scientifically that we have overcome speed of light constraints that you 'humans' on the earth have not concurred yet. I can see the so called 'life' on
the earth as of now and on other planets using some special equipments sitting here. I can see a line of 'ants' on the earth or flock of so called 'humans'.

The 'humans' really appear interesting! More so about their self centered view of the rest of the universe. Their definition of good and evil
which again is very self centered around their own 'species' (the 'humans') is very funny and interesting. Equally interesting are the so called
'emotions' and 'feelings' that they seem to have which I have not seen in the so called 'life' of other planets in the universe (which I can see from here).
The most interesting of all these is, you humans have not realised, yet, is all these, good/bad, beautiful/ugly, sad/happiness are just your personal truths. They are meaningless
in this universe of which you (earth) are a spec in dust. You behave as if your world is 'the world' which silly to say the least. However, I do understand the
limitations on your ability to know beyond a point. You may never know what is beyond you and you have already been programmed to 'emote' or 'feel' based
on from where you have started and where you are today in the timeline of universe. That may be part of your survival instinct. However, if you manage to
imagine an universe in which you are not in the center of it then it might help you reason about events that happen during you life span more 'meaningfully'.
With that note, let me share a few lines about your image series.

Having come from your planet 'earth' I very feebly relate to this series. At best, it is meaningless to me here, now. I am 100% sure that none of my 'friends' who are native
of this planet understand or appreciate this personal truth of yours. We have interest in images which sheds light on larger universal truth, which have far wider applicability.
Here too, we still don't understand the real universe at large. We have immense interest in universal truths portrayed as images. We have no interest in the nano personal
truth of yours coming from living in your micro world which by itself is infinitely small part of your planet earth.

You might say - 'this is my real truth, your imaginary truth is irrelevant to my life'. You are free to think so. I think you 'humans' may have some barrier around you which makes
it difficult for you get out of it. It may not be your inherent limitation as a 'person'. May be you are developing, in transition, yet far from advanced 'life'. You seem to have a layer
which you call 'ego' which is helping you survive but often leads you to misery. You humans seem to have failed to critically reason about it and a few other things and take a balanced stand.

I think mental make up of you humans may not be ideal today but I think it will transform. I am sure you 'humans' will get there, may be in a few million years from now.
Till then live happily in your myopic world of personal truths which are irrelevant in larger context of the real universe. Sorry, I hope I have not 'hurt' your 'feelings' (whatever
that means in your world).

Oh, there is a family emergency at my home on earth. Sigh...
I need to return back to earth now.

PS: For those who read this and thought I am too critical please don't think so. I have a very personal rapport with Adithya and I am privileged to write this (at least I think so :) ). Also, if you read carefully you will realise that I am critical of myself in this critique.

Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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Commentby Rajkumar on Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:42 am

Hmm Aditya do like the yin yang of the series .
Ganesh can relate to parts of what you are saying. Will need to think deeper. One thought , when I see a flower I can enjoy it place in a larger context the beauty of creation etc or I can try to own personalize it by plucking it and keeping it showing to others . Is taking a picture same as plucking at a slightly higher level......Will a very much higher level of understanding actually nullify the need to record and react and will merge the observer and the observed .... Just some immediate thoughts hope relevant in some way 

Art is about what is inside rather than what is outside

Commentby Adithya Biloor on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:02 am

(at least I think so :) )

If not you who else can critic Ganesh ? Privilege is mine .


I was waiting for your views, Glad that you replied.

Is taking a picture same as plucking at a slightly higher leve

Then expressing "emotions" through "flower" is making a bokeh out it . :)

I have tried to consolidate how "why photography ?" in me changed over couple of years. Couldn't do that effectively, anyway, below is a small write up I wrote in that context.

Why photography? My journey with this thought process.

My journey with photography was neither accidental nor intentional. I was a student of theatre arts before dwelling into photography. During my repertory days I had a small film camera and trying to learn the basics of visual aesthetics. By it's very nature drama has a deep connection with society. While studying there we were taught art can't exist for art's sake. It should have a purpose. We are part of society and we , as an artist, have obligations towards society. We should make sure that it is contributing to the good of the society. When I settled in my native as a farmer I wanted to continue as a dramatist, but couldn't because of some reasons.

Somehow my interest in photography grew and started doing it, unknowingly nature photography became my main area of interest. During my initial days there was a strange friction inside me. I was feeling bad for taking only " beautiful" photographs. I was forgetting the pain and agony in the world in my art. I was not contributing anything to society. This made me frustrated. I was contemplating over this. However, in the dilemma I continued to do nature photography. Tried to learn the intricacies of it.

Slowly I started making experiments. I wanted to hide the "beauty" . I Tried abstracts. I wanted to know by removing the "reality" whether I can take it to "next level" . Then tried to depict human emotions through nature photography, tried to juxtapose human and nature.

While those questions still haunting me new ones started arising. Does this "imposed duty" necessary? Doesn't it derogatory to term one as superior and other as inferior? Isn't it the ego of artist to claim himself/herself as the solution to maladies in society? And Where does artists freedom lies? There were these and many other questions too.

Then some philosophical questions started arising. Why should " I " be the centre of photography ?" Photography is like meditating. A process where I go through trance like state. Then why can't the output be like that? An output devoid of me. Not losing the personal ego, but losing the ego of "creation".

Questions still continue....

Adithya Biloor