...winter whisper: to be is to be related...




Ghanshyam Savani
...winter whisper: to be is to be related...
Compassion: Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt: (Duration: 7:18 minutes):

To be is to be related; there is no such thing as isolated being. Relationship is a conflict within and without; the inward conflict extended becomes world conflict. You and the world are not separate; your problem is the world's problem; you bear the world in you; without you it is not. There is no isolation and there is no object that is not related. This conflict must be understood not as a problem of the part but of the whole.

You are aware, are you not, of conflict in relationship, of the constant struggle between you and another, between you and the world? Why is there conflict in relationship? Does it not arise because of the interaction of dependency and conformity, of domination and possessiveness? We conform, we depend, we possess because of inward insufficiency which gives rise to fear. Do we not know this fear in intimate, close relationship? Relationship is a tension, and deep awareness is necessary to understand it.

-J Krishnamurti

Ojai, California | 8th Public Talk 1945

Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:22 pm
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Ghanshyam Savani
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