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Milky way galaxy is estimated to contain a few hundred billion planets. One of these billions of planets, which 'we' intimately know, called 'earth' is an interesting one for what it contains. A few billion of these planets are assumed to be 'habitable' and may sport an interesting phenomenon called 'the life', 'human' is just one example. Humans, like one of those life forms on the earth, are a fairly large mass of self reproducing organic compounds which seem to have the so called 'intelligence', 'beliefs', 'emotions', 'reasoning power', 'ability to think', of even 'ultimate truth', and a few other 'attributes'. It is not hard to trace these attributes back to an interesting phenomenon these organic masses exhibit - to survive and to continue its progeny, be it in emotion or in intelligence. Why? That has been accepted as part of the larger answer called 'Nature'.

With that context setting, what inspires me is the characteristics of this organic mass, which seem to think and probably accept the presence of the 'infinite' and the 'ultimate truth' yet can write-off such larger truth as 'philosophy' and conveniently ignore it. More often than not it is not selective amnesia. Often, the truth and believes appear synonymous and interchangeable. Also, belief may have its roots in helplessness and the need for the survival. Interestingly we may not even know, beyond a-priory truths like 1+1=2, whether the so called 'truth' exists? Or is the truth a 'lie'? Or is it a yet another imagination of the human species in larger scheme of things which it can't even grasp? What is truth?

'God' knows!

PS: The excuse for posting this apparently non nature image is the fact that the backdrop, all that is out of focus in this frame, is nature.
Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:00 am
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