...a road that nowhere goes: a story of a crying tree...




Ghanshyam Savani
...a road that nowhere goes: a story of a crying tree...
Rag Shivranjani (Sunset Rag): Chinmaya Dunster: (Duration: 6:16 minutes):

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Destroying Nature Means Destroying Yourself

Here is a story about Lao Tzu: One day one of his disciples was sent by someone to break a few
leaves from a tree. He broke a full branch and was taking it when Lao Tzu stopped him. "Don't you
know you fool," he told the disciple, "if any part of this tree is destroyed, you too become less to that extent?
When this tree stood before us, full and green, we too in a manner, were also full and green. Today, its wound has
caused a scar within us also. We are not apart, we are one."

But even with full knowledge, we have cut off so many trees!

Lao Tzu objected to a single branch being broken from the tree but we have destroyed full jungles! Now
we realise it was a terrible mistake. We had cut off the jungles because we thought they were our foes. Man
was afraid of the wild life they harboured and so destroyed them and built townships. He did not realise
that all the rains that poured on his land, all the breezes that blew and cooled the land cannot be without the
jungles! If we cut down the jungles, our towns will no Longer exist.

All over Europe now, there is a stir against the cutting of trees. It is a crime to
break a single leaf for man will fall with the extinction of trees. Lao Tzu said 2,500
years ago that when a tree is denied of a single branch, we too are lessened
somewhat, within ourselves. The tree is very much a part of us, a part of existence.
It is just as if we were to remove a part of a painting from the main work. It would not
then be the same. One single stroke of the brush can
change a whole picture.

The Way Of The Tao: Vol-1
Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:07 pm
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