Just another day in the woods: Magnificent vistas, imperfect visions




Adithya Biloor
Just another day in the woods: Magnificent vistas, imperfect visions
During the first week of May I went to Jim Corbett national Park, India with fellow CNPians Prashanth Sampagar and raghunandan. It was first time for all of us. The Dhikala range was mesmerising. The forests, the streams, small round, egg shaped stones, empty river beds, deers and boars and birds, elephants, made us awestruck. I tried to make some images. From the day one I struggled a lot to to transform my emotions to photographs. It was very difficult to transform the experiences I was going through with the help of 5 senses to 2D photograph. While it is true with every photograph, the stipulated timings of safari, unable to get down to choose the right angle etc made my job togher. Coupled to this was my 'vision'. The flummoxed me was trying to shoot and reflect my experiences in photographs, but was failing terribly because of lack of 'vision'.

I am starting the series with this image which I feel could have been improved both in seeing and presenting. Hence the title 'imperfect visions'.

As always waiting for your views.

Note : Spent an hour to present this in GIF format so that I need not use the rectangle form and avoid white portion. GIF conversion started deteriorating the image to a great extent (not sure of the reason) so forced to use the regular format.
Sun May 12, 2019 9:02 pm
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Adithya Biloor

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Commentby Madhav Jois on Mon May 13, 2019 11:15 am

Even i face it all the time Adithya. Though i have never been to such wonderful places, even back yard in my native poses a big challenge to me. What i have understood so far is, we can convey few things through photograph, but we cannot convey everything which we felt at that moment. Supplementing the image with music and good narration will help but not to the extent of our experience.
Back to your image, i think resized version is definitely another hindrance to viewing experience, specially for this image. Will call you today evening to discuss your trip!

Best Regards,
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Commentby Nevil Zaveri on Fri May 31, 2019 1:36 am

Agree with you n Madhav .. It's not easy to get everything in a single frame or in fraction of a second. And there are times when nothing works! This one looks as if you have tried to squeeze everything in a single drop! Probably, you may get transparent (white) space around, by using PNG format.

Nevil Zaveri