I am always amazed to see how an apt title can add an extra dimension to artistic images..

An unassuming image will get a new lease of life just from a carefully chosen title...

How will people see this image without the given title?

Just thinking out aloud.......
Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:31 pm
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Commentby Rajkumar on Thu Oct 22, 2020 11:50 am

Yes and no is my feeling about titles

When posting a single image in a forum we may want a title to GENTLY nudge the viewer in a particular direction and a context . ( as opposed to a series with a write up ) There also we affect other interpretations and thoughts . Ultimately the image has to hold on its own. The title cannot add or takeaway from it.
My take ...others can add

Art is about what is inside rather than what is outside

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Commentby Ganesh H Shankar on Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:14 pm

Vipin, Is this the insectivorous plant, Drosera Indica? I am still trying to figure out how to relate "Envy" in this case.

I think title can work both ways. At times "untitled" may be a good title. I tend to agree with Raj's views..

Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

Fine Art Nature Photography

Commentby vipinbaliga on Thu Oct 22, 2020 7:51 pm

Thank you for your comments Rajkumar. Completely agree with the gentle nudge. I also think "Ultimately the image has to hold on its own. The title cannot add or takeaway from it."
However i have seen images which works for me just because of the title. I know it is my issue and the picture's :-D

Ganesh Sir: Yes sir, this is Drosera Indica. I happened to anthropomorphize the 3 plants surrounding the Drosera.
To me they look like they are in awe of Drosera's ornamentation and beauty. Their slight lean, raised heads makes me think they envy the Drosera.

Commentby Nevil Zaveri on Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:15 am

Certainly, nature's visual as well as purposeful beauty to envy about!, Vipin .. absolutely jewelled n mesmerising.
I hope, you must have played around a lot for various perspectives n compositions.

Regarding 'title' .. I agree that image should stand on its own, but sometimes 'title' may add a lot showing photographer's intention / perspective. Also a bad 'title' may ruin a good image .. IMHO.

Nevil Zaveri