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Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:03 am
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"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity."
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Commentby dinesh.ramarao on Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:49 pm

Vikas, i appreciate your intentions of going on rocks as a subject for your expressions. But, but, i tend to think this as a simple landscape image. Have more thoughts on this ?

Commentby Vikas T R on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:59 pm

Thanks for the comment RD. I need such comments on the images as it will give an opportunity for me to go back and introspect the thought behind the image. Whenever an image is viewed by less number of people or there are no comments on the image, i wonder if this image of mine fits into CNP or am i violating the CNP guidelines by posting a non-creative image.

Coming back to the images that I have posted in last few days, I have been to this place (chitradurga fort) multiple times and i see many different shapes in those rocks. May be as i have visited the place so many times that i am imagining the shapes which may not actually exists there.

When i went this time, i had a theme in mind to show the life behind these rocks. With that intention in mind, i made few images and started posting here in a order. In this image, I am seeing a man looking at rock and thinking how he can use them. I have posted a image in illustration forum to depict what i am trying to say (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=616). After your comment, i started thinking what is creative in this image and i don't have the answer for it. I have also thought of deleting this image but later thought of expressing my thoughts and to check with moderators, if this image doesn't fit here, i will delete this image.

Some more thoughts on couple of previous images that i have posted :
Image gallery/image_page.php?album_id=1&image_id=7075 is one such, where the roots of a tree from a rock are trying to reach the ground to get food for the plant. This is not a 180 degree inverted image. Life at these places struggle a lot for the existence and very few survives.

In image gallery/image_page.php?album_id=1&image_id=7101, i tried to show the dryness in that place (without rains) by using the rocks and the dry twigs. I did not respond to Nirlep's comment there as i wanted to post few more images and wanted to know, if the viewers can relate to the theme i am trying to convey. But I have failed to convey my thoughts thru my images :) this is a learning for me and gives me opportunity to try out again and again :)

RD thanks again for the comment which made me to think on the way i am looking at :)

"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity."
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