The day the tree unraveled...




Tharangini B
The day the tree unraveled...
The tree stood there still and strong,
but it was not before long,
it chose to unravel,
for the world it wanted to travel.
There were sights waiting to be seen,
there were places it had never been.
It was the day the tree unraveled.
It was the day the tree traveled.
Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:21 pm
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Commentby Ganesh H Shankar on Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:57 pm

Lovely poem and poetic image Tharangini. Contrasting stillness and movement is interesting. I love the composition too. There is a small dust spot which you may want to remove before printing, if you want to print it :) Thanks for sharing.

Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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Commentby nirlep on Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:06 pm

Deeply metaphoric visual Thirangini! Sharply defined Araucaria leaves/bristles seem to have a silent connection with phantoms in air. The tree did travel! and birds found home walk up to them.
Thanks for sharing

Commentby Tharangini B on Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:55 pm

Thank you so much Ganesh Sir, I am glad the poem and the image worked for you. Thanks for pointing out the dust spot, I'll remove it right away. I've still not thought about printing it, but if there is good requirement and opportunity to do so, I definitely will. :)

Thanks so much Nirlep Sir. I am really glad what I wanted to convey managed to travel across.

Commentby Ghanshyam Savani on Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:19 pm

Fluttering and floating words on blank paper of the sky......!
And binding of that tree.....!
Isn't it a page from a diary of my heart....!?


Ghanshyam Savani ... ?details=1

Commentby Raviprakash S S on Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:43 pm

Bold composition and execution Tharangini. Love this frame.


Commentby Tharangini B on Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:15 am

@ Ghanshyam Savani - Thank you for lending a new perspective to this image. It is really an interesting way to look at this and it relates very well..:)

@ Raviprakash - Thank you so much. I am glad it resonates...:)

Commentby Adithya Biloor on Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:34 pm

Liked the composition. Loved how the birds are *moving* and the tree is *stil*.

Adithya Biloor

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Commentby nirlep on Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:58 pm

....Visually speaking do you have a variant with different positioning of tree? and denser population of birds on the top?

Commentby Tharangini B on Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:14 pm

@ Adithya - Thank you. I am glad the movement and stillness worked for you.

@ Nirlep sir - Unfortunately I do not have an variant of the tree position, since this tree is behind a government office, in between a lot of buildings. I had to find the least obstructive spot from my terrace for this shot. Right below where the tree ends in this image, the buildings start. Though like you have suggested if some building owner is kind enough to give permission, it will be very interesting to try other angles from other building terraces. :)

Also what I've not mentioned earlier is the phantoms in this image are bats leaving the roost in the evening. This phenomenon lasts exactly for 15 mins from 6:30 to 6:45 most days after which both the light changes and the density of the bats reduce. But each day is incredible in its own way with different cloud formations, different light etc.

Commentby Nevil Zaveri on Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:22 am

Very well thought, executed n presented, Tharangini. Lovely visual poem n embedded words.

Nevil Zaveri

Commentby Tharangini B on Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:55 pm

@ Nevilji - Thank you so much..

Commentby Prashanth Sampagar on Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:29 pm

It's a beautiful thought, Tharang! Those flying bats seems like part of tree itself. Surely the tree itself is travelling.


Commentby Tharangini B on Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:34 am

@ Prashanth- Thank you so much. Many hours of staring at that tree managed to unravel the thought for me. Thanks for your help too...

Commentby Rajkumar on Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:09 am

those leaves seem to have turned into birds and flown away. Maybe they will come back at night and become leaves again.....
I also find interesting you say " staring at the tree..........." for me if that kind of a creative process becomes conscious then possibilities are immense ... I find very difficult to develop and sustain that state of mind

Art is about what is inside rather than what is outside

Commentby Sriharsha Ganjam on Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:15 pm

Cant decide what I love more Thara, the poem or the image!
Coming to the image, there was an instant where I did look closely to see if the tree was indeed turning into birds.
Coming to the poem, there was an instant where I did read slowly to sense the amazing world that was unravelling in my mind!

Great job and presentation

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