Ganesh H Shankar
Off late I am increasingly finding it difficult to express in color (not that I can do it easily in B&W either). Probably the fact is so far I have not realized it was tough. Better late than never..
Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:47 pm
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Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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Commentby kiran_sham on Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:46 pm

You have very neatly shown a millipede's eye view of the world around it... just love it. I find the right half (green portion) of the frame to be a little grainy... Why so?

Commentby Ganesh H Shankar on Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:49 am

Kiran, I did not like the smooth greens so added just a little noise which I felt gives a subtle depth and feeling of reality than plain smooth greens - may be a hang over from slide days when smooth colors are unheard of even in 50 iso Velvia. I do think fine grains of those days in low iso slides did add a kind of artistic appeal to the images. It is interesting note that lots of research dollars are spent in perfecting the sensors to remove noise and then lots of research dollars are spent on arriving at optimal algorithms to add noise and simulate film grains in softwares like Photoshop, Nik's and other software filters !!

Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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Commentby Nilanjan Das on Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:09 am

Even I have been thinking about this lately Ganesh, when does the mind want to see in colors and when in monochrome ? Recently I browsed through two of my images from Kazi which I had processed in monochrome, now it makes me feel that the colors express more and not the monochrome. Just converting an image into monochrome surely does not make it an acceptable one, there has to be something which helps to express differently than in colors. This image here has two definite strong points for color in my opinion. The dark red color of the millipedes in a dark background and the colors of monsoon. The monochrome of this version would probably kill the image as the millipedes would not stand out just by shade difference as much as they do by tonal difference. I think images having subjects in dark tone against a dark background would naturally call for a processing in color( mostly and not all or none ). I like the natural diptych frame whereas one side shows the life forms of monsoon in the dark region tell me about the shade one looks for in monsoon while the green allows my mind to wander about in the open fields, Not always do we have to break and join images to create two frames in one, it can be done so easily and this is one classic example. Different tones in diptychs glue my mind and eyes to it practically, two different expressions in one image. Superb.

Nilanjan Das Photography

Commentby Shankar Kiragi on Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:54 pm

Light on the insect is what this image sets apart with defocussed forest/nature.

Cheers, Shankar Kiragi

Commentby adkoli on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:59 am

A very beautiful and creative image indeed. I like the grains in it. Just love the canvas behind that is so real. Brain is on holiday so don't want to think any technicals beyond this but just enjoy the colors here. Thanks for not making this monochrome and sharing this knowledge.

Commentby dinesh.ramarao on Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:53 am

Constant training of your brain to see things in monochrome would have made you to think difficult in color Ganesh. I remember to have read an article on psychriatic experiments long time ago, where people are made to believe time elapse as faster than what it is. May be you need some good and sound sleep friend :)
Jokes apart, as you said, we hated 'grains' of film as 'noise' and now we need those grains back in our digital images ! Now I've started liking my 25 years old Agfa + ORWO b/w images of belur and halebid for their 'noise' :) I wish i had kept all those films.


Commentby Prithvi K on Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:34 am

Beautiful one Ganesh, I was actually happy seeing a color shot from you, its been a long time.
I like the ratio in which the frame is split.
I have never shot in film(except the point and shoot that my family had), It feels like I missed something.

Commentby Pramod Viswanath on Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:05 pm

All I can say is . . . I will sit back and admire this image from miles apart! Fabulous seeing and no regrets seeing a color image. When I first got in touch with you, it was your color images and the colors you saw which none of us or others saw. My sincere request - please don't move away from colors. You portfolio speaks the same words for me always!! Post more colors please . . . !

Pramod Viswanath
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Commentby Nevil Zaveri on Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:00 pm

absolutely intriguing perspective, ganesh. complimenting red 'n green in contrasting light adds a lot to the image. genial!


Nevil Zaveri

Commentby Deepak G Pawar on Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:13 pm

Ganesh ji,appreciate your thought about shooting in color,Generally old timers try to stick to Monochrome,just for the feel of Fine Art value,the problem now is we cant shoot on a BW film like T Max,RO,Ilford etc,just to satisfy oursleves and a few like minded BW lovers,we keep converting and still Sob that the Digi noise is not matching the Film noise.
The Millepede color is the darling in this Image.