THE DAILY PATH NEVER ENDS..Masai tribal wisdom,
and this line of swamp elephants illustrates this proverb so befittingly
as they trudge their daily path to and fro to the waterholes..
arnt we all doing the same ?thinking aloud :)
Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:22 pm
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Commentby Sriharsha Ganjam on Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:50 pm

OMG Neelu! This is a stunner! I just loved how the leading elephant ends abruptly in the frame on the RHS. If you could have had a similar entrance of the elephant on the LHS into the frame by cropping a few pixels it would make it a very apt image for illustrating the circle! But just loved the image treatment and I must learn how you manage those sublime tone. Too good!

Commentby Hrishikesh N on Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:46 pm

Absolutely brilliant image and description Neeluji.... Starting from an empty frame, and filling it with creative brilliance... thats what i feel when i see this image... Eager to see more Neeluji .... Also, the bond these great living beings share as they "trudge their daily path to and fro to the waterholes.." is very well portrayed. .. Thanks for Sharing.


Commentby subramanya_ck on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:13 pm

Brilliant stuff.. path way to Heaven !!

Best Regards,

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Commentby neelu on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:31 pm

Harsha, thanks, and yes a lovely pointer by you there, i intentionally framed the elephant walking out of the frame, and missed seeing the finer point of doing the same at the entry, to complete the circle, great idea,..will recrop.
Hrishikesh, Subramanya, thanks a ton..

Commentby Ganesh H Shankar on Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:16 pm

Lovely line up there Neelu ! How about a gentle hint of the ground or you purposefully decided against it ?

Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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Commentby sriram janak on Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:20 pm

Brilliant stuff...Neelu..:-)

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Commentby neelu on Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:17 pm

Ganesh, i did leave out traces of the ground intentionally,i quite liked the "floating like quality", but will process another version with a gentle hint , im sure it will give it another dimension.
Sriram..thanks, appreciate.

Commentby Rajkumar on Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:44 am

Wonderfully done. Almost like a line up of evolution. Makes you think about it for a long time TFS

Art is about what is inside rather than what is outside

Commentby dinesh.ramarao on Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:45 am

Neelu, while the lined up elephants creates interest, your idea of 'floating' does not work for me :)

Commentby jayesh joshi on Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:46 am

`Stunning Visual ' Loved the way you have presented it.....

Commentby Prashanth Sampagar on Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:21 pm

What a stunning image, Neelu! Love the processing. TFS


Commentby nirlep on Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:56 am

Never seen anything like this Neelu..How simplicity could be the fountainhead of creativity your image is a pointer to that.

Commentby swapnil19 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:20 am

pinnacle of an image .....

Swapnil Deshpande

Commentby Samyak on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:29 pm

I thought CNPians had done enough on elephants as subjects... but then comes the stunner !
Like the path here... so ordered, so calm.... and those tiny shadows .. aah calves, add a lot to this frame.
TFS, Neelu.


Commentby neelu on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:28 pm

Raj, 'line up of evolution " what a lovley analogy, i quite couldnt put my finger on what this reminded me of. thanks so much.
R.D.. FLoating feel not working,fair enough, i am going to have another version with traces of the ground showing near the feet..will be good to compare both and distill the preference.
Nirlep,Your insightful , oft philosophical comments were much missed while you were away, ive always mantained that with your comments , the images take on a new meaning..and are never the same again.. thankyou
Samyak, thanks .."enough on elephants"..nooooooo, hoping we can explore many more ways to portray this wonderful being.!!!!!!!just obsessed with them... true confession.!
Jayesh, Prashanth, Swapnil, thank you, overwhelmed by the response and the responsibility to better oneself is huge.. Scary!!!!!!