Slow Consumption

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Slow Consumption

Postby AratiRao » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:03 am

CNP has made me increasingly aware of a longtime need in me for "Slow Consumption" of images. Slow creation, slow consumption. The "click like click shoot click tweet" world was creating a yawning chasm in me that i could turn my back on. Or slowly fill.

And in choosing to fill, i have started on a path i am not sure will cross anyone's or show up on anyone's map. But it is giving me immense happiness, just creating it. A large part of this current effort is inspiration from CNP, specifically from all the voices/ inputs around moods, music, making images.

The latest, which i completed yesterday, is on Reflection | Another Reality

What i am exploring here is the "weight of experience" a viewer has with the image, with the ambience of the image - the mood, the music. Is there a relationship that develops between the image (canvas) and the viewer? this would require time to develop. time to spend with the image, consideration and reflection within oneself, to feel. Hence, "slow."

What i wanted to stay away from is any relationship that the viewer has with the subject, prior to viewing an image. Hence my attempt at some abstraction in this post.

What does it mean, if anything at all, to you? If you have the inclination, time, I would love to hear reactions, since that is so much part of the experience. And even if it is "i do not connect with it at all" that is fine :)

For now, my job is done, and it is over to the viewer ...

thanks much,
PS: i would also love to hear other views on slow consumption, slow creation ... if that interests anyone.
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