IOM - May 2021

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IOM - May 2021

Postby CNP Staff » Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:57 am

Dear CNPians,

Here we are with the monthly pics for the month May 2021. Unfortunately this month we do not have any IOM and HC images. We found many good images but we felt there was a little bit extra that was needed in those images. There is a thin line between the monthly pics and IOM/HC but it is still significant. 

Just sharing the process we follow in picking these images.
- We, the editors, shortlist the images that we feel can qualify for the monthly pics in the specified duration. For this month it is from 21st April to 20th May.
- Each of us goes through all the images and votes for the images that we want to see in the monthly pics gallery. 
- Some of the criteria for the selection is Creativity, artistic value, uniqueness, quality, technicality, efforts by the photographer etc.
- And another significant aspect we consider is, the similarity of the image to any of the previous images shared on our forum.
- Once the voting is done, we have a conference call to discuss all the images. Merits and demerits of the images will be discussed. On an average we spend around 2 hours per such call. There are several occasions where it exceeded 2 hours as well.
- We do not have any cap on the number of images that should be in the monthly pics or even on IOM and HC. There are occasions where we selected three IOMs and there are occasions where there were no IOM. This is one such month where we do not have any IOM or HC images. The reason for having monthly pics is to encourage the members and to appreciate the deserving images.
- Please note that none of the editors' images are considered for IOM and HC images and even the images of the editors will go through the same selection process with even stricter guidelines

As you all know, CNP is a non-profit forum, founded and managed by set of passionate photographers. For the seeking photographers this forum is a treasure. Knowledge sharing and learning from each other, honest critics have been the pillars of this forum and it will remain so. Of course members participation has always been great, this forum is what it is today because of all your participation. We all are eager to receive feedback/comments on the images that we post. How nice would it be if we too contribute our views/critiques on the images shared by others?! Please don't shy away from adding your views/critiques on the images posted by others in the forum. That way we will keep others who critique on our images motivated to do so more.

Monthly Pics for May 2021 are as below.

image_id: 18643 image_id: 18612 image_id: 18638

image_id: 18664 image_id: 18690 image_id: 18648

image_id: 18657 image_id: 18630 image_id: 18663

IOM: None

HC: None

Hearty congratulations to all the winners.
CNP Staff
CNP Staff
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