Photograph as an "Art Object"

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Photograph as an "Art Object"

Postby Rajkumar » Sun Oct 09, 2022 11:44 am

A photograph as an art object has to be a physical print. A print is the final unchanging committed output of an artist.
Photographs are more often seen on screens- Computers, mobiles, tablets. The space between a viewer and a screen and space between viewer and a print are completely different.
The space with the screen is occupied as a temporary illusion. The mind knows that it is a transient experience it can change or be changed any time. With a few adjustments independent of the originating artist it can be made to look completely different.
A print on the other hand as already mentioned is a final unchanging committed output of an artist.
The creator has made many conscious decisions- Size, paper texture, framing, borders, toning. All these add up to create that mood and impact of what the artist is trying to convey.
A print is a dimensional fixed output on an established plane that can be touched and felt. It is independent of any other dependencies or resources for a viewer experience. Not even power or batteries !
In conclusion the space between a viewer and a print is a more controlled space where the artist will be able to communicate with the viewer in a manner consciously chosen

So, we need to print to be able to think about our work seriously and grow as an artist
Art is about what is inside rather than what is outside
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