"I am not certain whether my image meets..."

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"I am not certain whether my image meets..."

Postby Ganesh H Shankar » Sat May 24, 2008 8:52 am

"I am not absolutely certain whether this is picture suited to the purpose of this site", "I am not sure whether this picture of mine is creative enough"

Often such question comes up in ones mind before posting an image at CNP. Here is my answer to such questions -

If any one thinks we at CNP staff know for sure how to define creativity she/he is definitely mistaken. Having said that our vision is to see some original new perspectives - may not be a great image but some attempt at seeing things differently is visible - may be unusual composition, non-trivial use of light, unusual exposures to achieve some effects - to sum up some fresh not-often seen perspectives - Definitely not all the images one made during his/her last trip. All of us at CNP staff too are learning, we don't have all answers. Just before we launched CNP we wanted to populate this critique gallery with some creative images - what we think is creative to be precise. Each of us in CNP staff posted several of our images and each of us rated all images. You know what, one of my favourite image which I thought deserves a rate of about 8 in my scale finally stood at about 5.5!! What this simply means is it is difficult to agree upon creativity. At the end we decided to delete all the images of ours which scored below 6 the day before the y'day. Guess how many images of ours we might have deleted which we all thought was original/creative ? About 30% !! John Shaw once said - the difference between professional and amateur nature photographer is the size of the waste basket they use. But interestingly for lots of images (about 70%) we saw a clear pattern of agreement that those images were very creative or original. The point is for some images there will be disagreement and for majority of them there will be agreement too.

So the moral of the story is creativity is subjective, we at CNP staff don't have all the answers. In our posting guidelines we share some sample images of what we think is creative. Going forward all members of the CNP family will decide what is creative ! If you all agree that an image is excellent then we may move them to "CNP Pick" gallery and permanently archive/showcase them. At the same time if you all together agree that the image is not very creative then periodically we will delete them too !! This way we hope to maintain certain quality in our galleries - but it is you who will decide whether an image stays or not .

We think just the thought of whether the image being posted meets the posting guidelines is good enough to achive the vision of CNP. We all try to do our best in appreciating what we think is creative and how the submitted image can be improved from creativity perspective.

Isn't it interesting and when every posted image or discussion has something new to see or read ?
Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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