CNP images of the year 2019!!

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CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby CNP Staff » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:03 pm

Dear Friends !

It is with great pleasure, we are bringing back IOY after a brief gap. It has been 12 wonderful years since we started CNP with a sole purpose of encouraging 'the art of seeing' in nature photography. Over the years, this forum has seen many finest and unique creations in the world by the members. The creativity displayed here cannot be seen else where. While young CNP members nurture this forum with their bold & unique creations, other members translate their experience to poetic visuals in nature. Some find symmetry in asymmetry, others find solace in chaos. Many find tales in random patterns & many more find emotions in light. It is this mix of diverse minds, which makes CNP stronger with each passing year.

CNP Staff was well aware of the magnitude of the task at hand, i.e selection of IOY and Highly Commendable images of 2019. A poll was created at first with 24 shortlisted images. Once the list was complete, entire CNP Staff sat down on a Saturday evening with a picture of our choice of beverage & some snacks. We knew it would be a long & exciting night!! Some even drove to the nearest mobile tower for uninterrupted signal :) . After a round of debate on originality, creativity, moment/message, emotional impact, aesthetics, technical prowess etc , 13 images were selected for the next round. Like the clash of 2 heavy weight boxing titans, it went up to round 6 to conclude IOY & HC images. CNP Staff is very proud of these images and we are sure that our whole family will feel the same.

So, here they are friends!

CNP Image of the year - 2019!

Mahatma by Ghanshyam Savani

image_id: 16430

Highly commended two(not in any order of merit) -

Night Signature by Parmar Vijay
image_id: 16379

Urban Wildlife by Dhaivat Hathi
image_id: 15994

Congratulations to Ghanshyam Savani, Parmar Vijay & Dhaivat Hathi!!

We at CNP believe that winning the prize is not end of the life. In this pursuit people will experiment and experiment and create more stunning visuals. At the end, one day they will start thinking "what does it all mean"? This is the natural progression! By then they will have a greater depth in their personality beyond
photography. They will be mentally more stronger and will start seeing life in a new dimension. We as a CNP team will have a satisfaction of sailing together in this selfless beautiful journey.

Sincere thanks all of you for your great contributions. Please do share your valuable critique on images shared by other members. Don't we expect comments on our own images ? Needless
to say our fellow friends expect that too ! We, the CNP staff can do very little without your support - CNP is *not* a business idea ! Please help yourself by helping fellow friends in the forum.

Thank you all !!
CNP Staff
CNP Staff
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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby dinesh.ramarao » Mon Jan 27, 2020 10:38 am

Congratulations to the winners.
While I feel every image on CNP is a winner, recognizing some new "seeing" like these images would make others to keep "seeing" different,
and I am sure our "artistic minds" get expanded exponentially.

- RD
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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby Nevil Zaveri » Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:31 pm

Congratulations! to all the winners; and all members for having faith in ever exploring spirit of CNP!

I have always believed that choosing the best is not only test of image/s, but more a test of judge/s!
It was a mammoth task, 1st when we complied the collection of about 24 nominee images, individually selected by 7 team-members. Few were top notch and not easy to compare with others. Only one thing we all were sure of is .. only beautiful is not enough. We made some criteria to include/exclude an image, giving weightage to qualities like ..
1. Creativity & originality
2. Moment/message & the way image grows in mind
3. Composition & Aesthetics
4. Camera handling, post-processing & other technicalities
In case of tie or dilemma, we had one more question .. how easy it will be, to repeat a similar image?!
We discussed, argued, listened and learned from various perspective .. and finally reached the above decision.

The best is .. after we decided on winners, someone pointed out how appropriate is the winning image in today's time! .. we all are crying global warming, climate change n conservation of nature and here is 'Mahatma', a symbolic solution to all these problems .. living in simplicity! This also made us decide, to announce on the republic day :)

We would like to thank Ganesh for always encouraging and motivating us. We thank all the members for their active participation on CNP.

Warm regards.
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Nevil Zaveri
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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby Ganesh H Shankar » Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:10 pm

Dear Ghanshyam, Dhaivat & Vijay,

Congratulations!! As Nevil & RD rightly said, when every posted image is unique selection is more about testing the juries than the images.

Dear Nevil & Team, congratulations for completing this mammoth task with all the rigour. Looking at the selections you folks made I think you stayed true to the spirit of the forum!! Very unique perspectives and very bold decisions indeed.
Ganesh H. Shankar
Wishing you best light,

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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby Rajkumar » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:13 am

Dear Ghanshyam, Dhaivat & Vijay Congratulations.

Liked the choices. I see three dominant themes. 1 Pure seeing....could be even taken on a mobile phone 2. Ability to convert vision into image with good technical ability 3. Conceptual one with layers of meaning ( all three have these aspects. just my take on what dominates )
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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby ramesh_adkoli » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:31 am

Dear CNP Team, what a daunting task it must have been to narrow down to these three images! Kudos to you all on a job well done. Very deserving selections. I'm sure these choices would emphasise new directions to the exploration of creative nature photography going forward.

Hearty congratulations to Ghanashyam, Dhiavat and Vijay.

Best Regards,
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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby jayesh joshi » Wed Jan 29, 2020 12:02 pm

First of all i would like to congratulate CNP team for bringing back IOM , IOY as well as monthly theme . I can understand the efforts & the time you all are putting together to execute this. Well done !

Congratulations to all winners for unique creations !
jayesh joshi
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Re: CNP images of the year 2019!!

Postby Madhav Jois » Mon Feb 03, 2020 6:19 pm

Hearty congratulations to all the winners!! Well deserved.
Best Regards,
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