Respecting Copyrights & Netiquette

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Respecting Copyrights & Netiquette

Postby CNP Staff » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:12 pm


Recently we saw an incident of copyright violation and plagiarism which is a blatant violation of our terms of use and we immediately had to terminate the user account for this act. Though termination of the account has least impact on the person such acts of copyright violations reflects very badly on the integrity and character of the person which is earned over several years. We don't think we need to stress this a lot.

Before posting any image please make sure you are the sole owner of the image.

In one other incident in the past we had to terminate another user's membership for certain misbehaviors. We the staff of CNP had to take these stiff actions with heavy heart.

We spend lots of our personal time supporting the forum just of passion for nature photography and to create a community which learns something new from its members. Let us keep the forum healthy and we need your support.
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