Feedback Please !

This forum is dedicated for discussions related to features of CNP. All suggestions are welcome!! We may not be able address all of them nevertheless.

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Feedback Please !

Postby CNP Staff » Thu May 22, 2008 9:56 am

Dear member of the CNP family !

CNP is born on 23rd May 2008. We are still in cradle with a vision that CNP is the place to see creative,unique images of nature.
We hope every image posted here will have some unique signature in it. Keeping this in mind we the staff of CNP formulated our posting guidelines, FAQs etc. That is effort from our part as CNP staff to achive the CNP's vision.

Now you are part of this family too. We are sure you would love to share your views on how we can achieve this vision together.

Looking forward to your views. CNP staff comprises of a few very passionate nature photographers, most of them are weekend warriors!
Please be considerate that we may be able to work on only a few of those suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

- CNP Staff
CNP Staff
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