Known Issues

This forum is dedicated for discussions related to features of CNP. All suggestions are welcome!! We may not be able address all of them nevertheless.

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Known Issues

Postby CNP Staff » Thu May 22, 2008 9:57 am

1. View count gets increamented for self.

We know this. Not sure when we will have time to debug this and fix. Will try our best to debug this issue.

2. Search does not seem to work on image galleries

Currently we are using what is called a MOD for phpBB for image gallery. phpBB's search is not integrated into this MOD. When search gets integrated into MOD will have the searching facility for the image gallery too. For this we will depend upon this feature getting implemented within the MOD. We may not have this feature implemented in near future.

3. Can't edit my rating of an image.

Yes, here again we have to depend on this feature getting implemented in the MOD for now we will have to live with this limitation. Please rate images after some thinking - you will not be able to change it (atleast for now). This limitation may be by design too - it may not be desirable to keep changing the rating of an image !

Modification Requests

1. Display all images by a user.

Currently gallery supports sorting images by user name. We will pass this request to the implementor of the gallery s/w.

- CNP Staff
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