Young CNPian Gallery

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Young CNPian Gallery

Postby CNP Staff » Thu May 26, 2016 6:45 pm


We just crossed 8 years as a small family. During last 8 years we have seen over 10,000 images!! Far less compared to the rate at which images get posted in sites like Facebook. However, these 10,000+ images were made by thinking minds, not by casual shutter pushers. While on our journey towards art and creative expressions of nature we felt the need to complete this small family by creating a dedicated space for our young and talented nature photographers. We have come across some amazing talents during last few years. We now have a dedicated gallery exclusively or our young minds (22 years and below) !!

Young CNPian Gallery

Posting Guidelines for Young CNPian Gallery

1. Only those who are 22 years and below are eligible to post images to this critique gallery
2. Maximum two images per day
3. No restriction on creative and artistic nature of the images (though they are very desirable attributes!)
All generally considered good images can be posted!! However, onus is on experienced members of the forum to ask questions, share their perspectives so that our young minds (and grown up minds too) sharpen their creative thoughts/skills!!
4. Every member of CNP (young and adult) are encouraged to post their views, help our young family grow!
5. To our young members - If you have specific questions or need some technical help about the posted image please ask them!! We have years of expertise
in the forum and someone will answer your question. Though we don't encourage such technical questions in other two galleries (Nature as Art and Creative Visions) which are dedicated to creativity and art we would love to encourage such questions in this gallery to help you, the young CNPians. We really believe in strong technical foundation too. Please don't expect 100s of "likes". Actually they don't really contribute to our growth as photographers. Learning never stops in our life.

6. If you think your image fits one of the other two galleries (Nature as Art or Creative Visions please post them there but post them in only one gallery.

Friends, come, let a create a small online school to help our young minds!! Please refer talented young minds to the forum who want to seriously explore the world of nature photography!

Young CNPian Membership Request.

To bootstrap this new gallery we have moved a few images of some of our young friends to this new gallery.
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