Constitution of CNP

The purpose of this document is to articulate the CNP ethos.This will help in setting boundary conditions both in terms of creative pursuits and operating principles removing the “doubtfulness” in experimenting and being bold within a context.

Core purpose and objectives

The core purpose of CNP is to encourage creative photography as an expressive art medium within the context of nature and human interactions with nature.


  • Bring together diverse photographers to push the limits of understanding & appreciation of nature through creative photographic expression
  • Improve literacy and practice of Creative nature photography as a medium and support emerging artists
  • Provide a platform to share and obtain feedback from other Creative nature photographers and artists
  • Support opportunities to showcase Creative nature photography to the audience at large
  • Encourage collaboration across art forms to provide new experiences to audience and grow the creativity nature photography

Creative nature photography context

CNP as a platform will constantly endeavor to imbibe the emerging thought and trends in photography in general and Creative Nature Photography in particular
Creative nature photography may be broadly defined as photography which ultimately, directly or obliquely, refers back to nature. It could be artful portrayal, unique technical rendition, exploration of nature-culture dialogue or any photographic form which enhances our understanding and appreciation of nature

However the following principles are applicable

  • The source of the creation is a photograph and photography related
  • Nature and cross section of human-nature interaction is the dominant theme in the photograph
  • The photographer is involved in making the pictures and it is not an assembly or collage of sourced images
  • Disclosures are made in terms of post processing and manipulations as require
  • Other genre of Photography like street , fashion, nude, wedding etc are not our area of interest.

    By "nudity" we mean, "photographs of any subject (human or otherwise) that directly and/or graphically represent nudity/sexual acts/or human anatomy.
    Similarly, we would like to keep off those images that depict human violence.

    If the editorial team decides that a posted image does not meet this rule then it may:

    - Have a dialogue with the artist to convey the reservation and request the artist to take suitable action which includes using a less explicit image, making it subtle by different processing or even to remove the image if appropriate.

    - If the editorial team could not arrive at a consensus with artist then the editorial team can decide to moderate or remove the image.

CNP Governance

  • Is a non-commercial and not for profit entity
  • If any funds or revenue becomes available this will be used to further the objectives of CNP and not to any individual benefit or profit
  • CNP will not promote any brand or product
  • Open to be a channel for disbursing grants or institutionalizing some awards
  • Not a platform for promoting individual business or transactions

CNP will be governed by a team which has imbibed the “CNP way of thinking”. Following teams will be put in place.

  • Chief Editor
  • Editors - Not more than 4
  • Mentor
  • Website Maintenance technical team

Role definitions

Chief Editor

Chief Editor is the main person who drives the platform. This includes -
  • Driving overall vision and content of the CNP
  • Membership moderation - whom to permit is based on the work/interest
  • Moderation of the post images by working with sub-editors
  • Making changes to look and feel of the site by working with technical team (adding galleries, theme based posts, Image of the month, Images of the year, contests??.. upto the Editors/sub-editors)
  • Encourage the site to bring-in more like minding people without diluting the quality and content without sacrificing the core values/constitution of CNP
  • Editor will have the veto on every aspect of platform as long as it is run within the constitution.
  • All monetary related decisions will be taken by the Mentor / Editor


Set of individuals who work closely with Editor to deliver the roles of the editors. It is upto the Editor and sub-editors to agree on to work on different aspects like forum moderations, critiquing images, cross posting to Social Media choosing image of the months, images of the years etc etc to deliver the above objectives.


The Mentor may be consulted by Editor for any help. The Mentor ensures the core values and principles of the forum are protected.
All monetary related decisions will be taken by the Chief Editor / Mentor.

Technical Team

Comprises of individuals who will:

  • Maintain the website technically. If there are website issues they may raise support tickets with web hosting company.
  • Enhance website based on the request from Editor
  • Website/domain name/daily backup service renewal on time every year
  • Maintain the documentation of the technology implementation and update with any changes as required

Changes to Team Composition

The sitting Mentor will determine the Chief Editor if necessary at the end of 3 years by consensus. Chief Editor, sub-editors and the mentor may discuss and decide on the composition of team after 3 years. If any of the member could not participate due to time constraints Chief Editor and the rest of team may propose to bring in new member/s as sub-editors. New member/s will be chosen based on the recommendation of Chief Editor/mentor/sub-editors and will solely be based on merit and active participation in the forum.
All new members will explicitly understand and accept the “Terms of Use” as mentioned at below link:

CNP Terms of Use

Ethical and Moral standards

  • CNP membership is agnostic to any social,religious, regional, ethnic background of its members
  • Mutual respect to a fellow member is a core value to being a member in CNP
  • While differing in viewpoints are encouraged they are not to be personal but only related to the art work and interpretation
  • CNP expects the highest ethical standards in terms of ownership of image and disclosures on process of creation when required
  • CNP does not allow direct Nudity related photographs and comments
  • CNP will be neutral forum not affiliated or targeting any culture , religion, geography , race or sex and all activities and posts will reflect this position
  • These are further detailed and elaborate in ( Violation to any of the above principles would lead to unilateral termination of membership or removal of a particular photograph at the Editor / Mentor sole discretion