CNP's Frequently Asked Questions - Last updated 24 May 2008

If your question is related to CNP's site usage features please visit this neat concise link.

You can also find detailed FAQs about phpBB here too.

If you have questions about some decisions about posting guidelines etc then read these below first.

We use "CNP" in short for "Creative Nature Photography" in below paragraphs.

1. Isn't CNP's posting guidelines very restrictive ?

Yes it is - but by design. The purpose of CNP is to encourage and help nature photographers express their own visions. In this era of enhanced learning facilitated by Internet un-fortunately reading and learning from others never stops. At some point don't we need to express own visions ? Hardly a few seconds are spent before pressing the shutter release. The sole purpose of CNP is to challenge this approach.

2. If you relax posting guidelines then the site may get more traffic. Would you like to do that ?

We are not interested in relaxing posting guidelines to get more traffic, for sure.

We would like to encourage seeing and attempting at making original images - not necessarily strinking unique piece of art. Please see posting guidelines for further details on this aspect.

This is a non-commercial site with a vision to challenge conventional approach and popular well-accepted rules. We know it is not easy to create unique original images, every photographer may have only a handful of such image with them yet it is exactly only those images we want to see here, comment on them and challenge them to create more such images.

3. Creativity or art may mean different for different individuals. How do you agree upon what creativity is ?

Sure, it is difficult to agree upon a definition. But when we see or make an image most often we can easily see whether an image is different.

4. I never understood the difference between my three year old kid's so-called paintings and some of well known modern art paintings. There may be a thin line of difference between them. How do you ensure people are not posting these kind of kids' images and take shelter under your creativity theme ?

First we do believe appreciation of modern art is a different topic and are sure people can make out.

That said, we assume that people who post in our forums are genuinely interested in developing their abilities to see and express. We would like to give benefit of doubt to people who post and critique here. There is always a scope for healthy critiques and debate in our forums. We critique images and not those who made them - mutual respect is what holds all of us together.

5. Why are you not allowing equipment related discussions ? It may be very useful.

We don't want to dilute the scope of CNP. We are interested in sharing and discussing those aspects related to making images rather than compare different tools used in making images. Focus here is not on tools. No Canon vs. Nikon, 300mmf4+TC vs. 100/80-400mmf5.6, 500mmf4 vs. 600mmf4 discussions please. We are not saying tools are not important - they indeed are but the discussion about them are beyond the scope of CNP.

6. Can we have a forum created to sell/buy equipments.

Sorry, we don't want to dilute our focus. We will not create one for this purpose.

7. Can we have paid memberships and give extra benefits to those members (like for e.g. creating individual portfolios)

CNP is run by a few passionate nature photographers who may not be earning their bread from nature photography (needless to say they are as very skilled, dedicated nature photographers however). This small team as of now don't have bandwidth to manage additional administrative tasks. It is tough for us to provide those differentiating services. As of now, the expense incurred in maintaining this site is very minimal (discounting late night hours put in by the small CNP staff supporting this site). We don't need membership money to run this for a foreseeable future. We are running this out of sheer passion for creative and artistic nature photography.

8. Do you permanently archive images ? If you are not why ?

No we don't. However may not delete images for a few months. The best voted creatively made images will be show cased and will make into a permanent gallery of CNP. We may delete those images sooner which members of CNP think are not very creative.

9. What rights will CNP have on posted images ?

Photographer owns all rights and permits CNP to share her/his content (including images, articles..) here on CNP for no fee.

Please do read our Terms of Service (reading this is mandatory for using CNP). If anyone wants to consult the concerned photographer they have to do it directly, CNP is not in picture and CNP don't want to be too.

Please note CNP is a non-profit, non-commercial site only interested in furthering art of nature photography.

10. I run small business which offers special gears for nature photography. Can I advertise it in your site ?

As mentioned above CNP is a non-profit, non-commercial site. We don't run any promotional material on our site (including but not limited to product advertisements, individual photographer promotions like instructional photo tours, safaris etc). This rule is applicable to the team which runs this forum too. However, we do allow a few additional links as part of the signature/profile of a photographer who posts or critiques in our forums where in a person can have his promotional offerings as part of her/his signature and/or profile.

11. Can we have image of the week selections ?

We hope to have "Image of the month" selection. Since we have our bars set sufficiently high we suspect there may not be lots of posts to pick from, atleast initially. In future if it makes sense we will have "Image of the week" selections. We can raise this in one of the forums at a later date.

12. Why can't we have different galleries - avian, fauna, macro, landscape... ?

Wish we could ! But we think our posting guidelines are such not many images may meet our posting criteria. This has forced us to create just one gallery/forum to start with. We would love to be proved wrong however !!

13. I have this new idea for CNP ? Can we get this implemented ?

Sure we would like to know your idea. If this is within our (rather narrow) scope of making creative and artistic images of nature we would love to hear from you. Please share your idea in the right forum - thank you in advance.

Thats all for now! If you think of a popular question (and probably the answer) please mail it to

Thank you ! Enjoy CNP, it is by you and for you!!

- CNP Editorial Team.