Image Rating Suggestions

We thought of sharing the scale we will use for rating images posted in the critique forum. You may want to leverage this or use your own scale too !! We have a rating scale of 5-10. Rating is also very trasparent. Here are our suggestions for you to rate an image.

10 -> One of the most creative, unique image I have ever seen in my life. I suspect I may rate 10 for one or two images an year. I am yet to make one such image. This image will stay in my memory for ever.

9 -> Excellent image, very unique and creative, very rarely such images are posted. It is unlikely I will forget this image.

7/8 - > Very creative, may not be often posted. I think this image may stay in my memory for very long.

6 -> A creative image and I see some originality and uniqueness in the image.

5 -> I may not think the image is very creative or I think the image falls in border line. The image may be excellent in another judging criteria but I don't think it fits very well within CNP's scope.

While rating an image PLEASE BE TRUE TO YOURSELF - be it of your friend's/foe's/CNP Staff's. In large forums it is very common to find users who may have orthogonal views compared to ours. We rate the image not those who have posted them. Please don't get biased by current rating of the image - listen to your heart and rate !! . We have just one chance to rate any image. Once rated we can't change our rating for that image. So we need to think and rate any image !

We also would like to emphasis that one word comments like "wow", "I like it" etc does not really mean anything. Please add atleast one sentence stating how your heart/mind received the image posted. It is often difficult - but give it a try.

Thanks for your support !!

- CNP Editorial Team.