Dear Friends,

Welcome to CNP!

We are a non-commercial friendly group of nature photographers with a keen interest in creativity and art of expressions! Unlike other nature photo sharing forums on the net, here we have a narrow focus on creativity and art in nature photography. Please do make sure that you are interested in this aspect of nature photography!

Members of CNP may not appreciate all typical nature portraits or landscape where there is nothing much than naturally existing beauty. We clearly want to see what *you* have to show as a photographer, beyond the equipment you are using. Here on CNP, we don't have any interest is discussing merits of different lenses or cameras. We strongly believe any camera system can be used as a tool to make world class memorable images, if we think before pressing the shutter. Our interest is mainly in originality and art of expressions. Please read our posting guidelines to know more.

Have you reached reading till here? Please do read our guidelines and make sure you do want to be part of this group.

If you are willing & happy to accept all the above then here is how you can become a contributing member of CNP (membership is free) ..

If your age is 22 years or less, please use Young CNPian Membership Request link to register. As a young CNPian you will get an additional gallery (Young CNPian Gallery) to post your images to. After you cross 22 years, you will be expected to post in other galleries. First please read our Terms of Use. You need to agree to this to become a member of the group. Please send us a mail at with following details ..

1. Subject line of the mail : Membership Request to CNP

2. Content (Please do read Terms of service and explicitly state the same in your membership request as noted below)

I have read through your posting guidelines and Terms of Use of Creative Nature Photography (CNP) Website and I agree to the Terms of Use of CNP. I would like to become a member of CNP.

3. My name (mandatory) : Your real name goes here.

4. My location (mandatory) : Your city & country

5. My preferred user id (You have to use your real name here and is mandatory. Please don't give us multiple choices for user ID) Your user id to login to CNP. We will not create accounts with cryptic characters. It will be difficult for us to address you in the forum if you use cryptic user names. We will create an account with this name and your E-mail address which you used to send us your request.

6. My photographic work : Link to your website/Facebook profile/Flickr Album/Picasa Album if any. If you don't have your work on the web then please send us 10 of your images (1000 pixels in longer side and less than 500K bytes in size) which you think is in line with the vision of CNP. Please don't mail us high resolution files (including raw/tiff).

After going through your images, if we find your interest matches with our vision for CNP then we will create your account and will get back to you at the earliest. Based on the images you shared, if we think your interest may not match the vision of CNP, we may not honor your request. Please don't feel bad if we do so. If we don't accept your request it is no reflection on quality of your work, but it is just that your taste may not match the interest of the members of CNP group.

Kindly note that - We will not create your account if you don't explicitly state that you have read and agreed to the Terms of use of CNP as mentioned in the format above. Also note that we may take 15-20 days to process a request. Please bear with us till then.

Please help us critique as many images as you can. Quality is more important than quantity. Short/One word social network (Facebook etc..) comments like "Beautiful", "Wow", "I like it", "great" etc are just useless and really don’t help anyone here!

Do you like 200 "Wows" as a critique on your image or just 1 meaningful insight? We strongly believe a critique of an image is a creation in itself. Use this as an opportunity to share your inner thoughts. What you think works and what can be improved further can be a good starting point. Please do share your thoughts on the images you post and do expect to receive some honest feedback on your images. You don't need to take them at all, but members are encouraged to share their views and opinions. Take them when it makes sense to you, ignore gently if those don't make sense to you. You may not receive "wow" and "ah" for every image you post. We sincerely believe we will not grow as photographers, if we are closed to some hard and honest critiques on our images!

We would love to have you as part of the CNP family. It is a forum to learn from everyone like you. Please don't assume that the moderators of CNP know more than what you do!

Thanks for your interest!

- CNP Staff.