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This is the legal agreement between you as the user of this website named http://www.creativenaturephotography.net here after called as "CNP" or "Creative Nature Photography" and the staff who maintain CNP. Before you register and/or start using CNP please read this agreement carefully. By registering and/or using this website you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions stated below. If you do not agree please refrain from registering or using CNP. Further, CNP reserves its rights to make any modifications to these stated terms. CNP is not liable for informing you of any such changes to this legal agreement in future if any. It is your responsibility to revisit this agreement often.

0. By accessing "Creative Nature Photography" (hereinafter also referred to as "we", "us", "our", "Creative Nature Photography", "http://creativenaturephotography.net/forum/phpBB3_0_1"), you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms then please do not access and/or use "Creative Nature Photography". We may change these at any time and we’ll do our utmost in informing you, though it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of "Creative Nature Photography" after changes mean you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

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1. CNP is a non-profit platform for sharing creatively made images of nature. By posting your images, articles, views here after called "content", you ensure you own exclusive copyright right to the posted content. You agree to reimburse CNP any legal fees that may arise due to any illegal acts including but not limited to copyright violations, posting prohibited content by you to name a few.

2. By posting your content on CNP's website you immediately permit CNP to share the same on CNP's website and CNP's official pages on social networking platforms like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for no fee. You will continue to own copyrights for all your content.

3. CNP will not be responsible for any loss of your posted content due to any reason including but not limited to server and other infrastructure failures. You post and view contents on CNP at your own risk. We don't guarantee any uptime of the website service or your content protection. CNP is not responsible if anyone copies your posted content and indulges in any form of copyright violations.

4. Any legal dispute related to use of this web site CNP can only be settled by Copyright Board in India as described in Indian Copyright Act 1957 and its later amendments.

5. CNP web site is meant to share images of nature. You agree not to post any adult and/or pornographic content on this web site. CNP may proactively work with and willingly co-operate with any law enforcement authorities of any country when we see any violation of this Terms of Use. CNP reserves its right to decide what is an objectionable content.

6. You agree not to disrupt and harm CNP web site in any way. The disruptions and/or harm to CNP may result due activities including but not limited to -

- Attempting to find loop holes or errors in softwares used by CNP and use them to disrupt the service of CNP web site.

- Spam CNP forums with irrelevant content and/or inappropriate content. This may include but not limited to abusive, vulgar or defamatory content.

- Post classified information on CNP website

- Attempt to get access to other users confidential profile data including but not limited to E-mail address which other users don't wanted to share.

- Getting administrator and/or moderator access to different forums using loop holes in the used software in any.

- Linking to other sites within your shared content which has un-lawful contents. CNP reserves its right to reasonably define what is un-lawful.

7. CNP is a platform to enable healthy exchange of views on creative nature photography. Any views or opinions by other users on your posted content are their own, not CNP's. CNP will not be able to check/verify all the posted content for breach of terms of use or any law. CNP will not be accountable for any violation of terms of use by other users or inappropriate behaviors by other users. CNP reserves its right to define what is an inappropriate behavior. If the staff of CNP thinks a behaviour by a member is inappropriate then it reserves its right to terminate the membership of that person without any noitice.

8. CNP reserves its right to edit/modify/delete any content which violates any stated terms of use in this agreement.

9. CNP may track your session information's like your ip address, entry url, exit url etc for site optimization purposes.

10. CNP reserves its right to periodically delete any posted content after some time to optimize the use of storage space on the server. CNP may reserves its right to move posts from one forum to another for permanent archival. We may do so with some of the excellent images or very useful threads.

11. You will not use other users posted content other than for displaying it on your screen using a browser software. In particular you will not -

- Copy the other users' content on any storage media - local or remote.

- Sell the other users' content with or without retaining original copyright information.

- Repost or use then for any purpose with or without retaining original copyright information.

In case you want to share your suggestions about different ways of processing or compositional possibilities you agree to take original poster's consent first before saving, editing or posting modified image on CNP.

12. If your use of site violates any of our Terms of Use or results in we being sued then you are liable to us to and agree to indemnify and hold us harmless. In this case you also agree to pay all related expenses including legal expenses.

13. Under no circumstances CNP is liable to any of your posted content - this includes but not limited to damages or fees of any kind.

14. We make no warranties about suitability of the content shared on CNP for any purpose. All the shared content is "as-is" without any explicit or implicit warranty. Staff of CNP tries to solve issues on best effort basis. We don't guarantee any quality of service about CNP website.

15. In using the CNP website apart from Indian regulations you will comply with all applicable other national and international regulations.

16. The vision behind CNP is to be a platform to share creative unique images of nature. To meet this we may need to periodically prune some images which users of CNP may think are not very creative. This is to keep CNP consistent with its vision.

17. Cover page images - Cover page images are those that get displayed when users enter the site with the web address http://www.creativenaturephotography.net . The staff of CNP may periorically use images posted by CNP's users for displaying the same in the cover page for no fee.

18. You agree to treat fellow CNP members with respect. Any abuse of fellow members will result in immediate termination of CNP membership.

19. As a member of CNP you agree to all the above terms of use.